Boxing Day

It’s Boxing Day – the day I put my bike in a box and begin this adventure. I was scrambling right up to the last second. Did I pay the property taxes? Did I bring my water bottles? Crud what did I do with the thingamabob? This is all, of course misdirected anxiety so that I can avoid asking all the real questions like; how the hell and I gonna cope without Megan and Jonah for 2+ months? Can I really stay away from kW for that long and maintain my sense of self? Am I going to be lonely, tired and hungry (yes, yes and yes I think).

So I deal with all that stuff by making sure that the thingamabob I brought is the absolutely best thingamabob I have, I have the exact right number of pens with me and a bunch of similarly trivial decisions. Well at least I’m not drinking (as Amy Winehouse would say). Still, some form of numbing is needed, less I get overwhelmed.

So here’s the final pack – all ready to go to the airport. Doncha love the classsy “TUMI” duffle? That’s my way of getting two from panniers for one bag fee. Sort of worked. Still had to pay $210 for all the stuff I checked. Sheesh – next time I’ll ship it. Or buy a $100 duffle and give it to a homeless guy at the other end.

All my stuff for the trip


Buddy Will trying not to be too distracted on the fwy

Here’s my buddy Will giving me a ride to OAK airport. Thanks, Will! Nice to have a personal send off since Megan and Jonah are in Toronto (Happy Bat Mitzvah Sophie! So sorry I missed it.).

Hoping the luggage handling gods smile on me tonight. With luck I’ll be putting the Surly Long Haul Trucker back together tomorrow and may even get to dip my wheels in the Atlantic.

Now I can finally relax and begin to ease into the experience. No more thingamabob-contemplation and monkey mind. If I’ve got it with me, I do. If not, I hear they take US dollars in Maine.

11 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Jim,

    Hello from Galway, Ireland. Amy and I are on vacation.

    I am enjoying following your blog. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Glenn! I’ve heard that Ireland is beautiful and the people are warm. Enjoy!

  3. Best of luck Jim! We’ll be following your progress and cheering you on!

    Kevin and Jen

  4. Really excited to see what the open road brings for you! Love hearing about your adventure, so keep posting.

  5. Good luck Jim, it looks like you’re well prepared! We look forward to your blogs! Joanne & Burt

  6. I was looking forward seeing that picture of your gear all packed up and ready to fly with you.

    I wonder if there is a network of people that support and keep their house open for bikers like you or are you mostly on your own?

  7. What about recharging your phone and extra batteries? Have a solar charger? Don’t want to miss out on your posts and progress and hope to see a lot of pictures! Good Luck and have a great adventure!

  8. On Geoff’s advice I installed a dyno hub the feeds my headlight,taillight and a USB port. So I pedal for my juice. I can charge my phone,and a spare battery as I go. That helps a lot because I use the phone a lot for navigation.

  9. Sounds like you’re ready. Go for it. We had a great visit with Megan & Jonah at Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah

    1. Yeah I was sorry to miss the big day but I had booked month’s in advance before I knew your dates. My apologies. Sounds like everybody had a great time.

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