Day 1 – It starts at the Atlantic

I was so excited when I got up this morning I couldn’t wait to get on the bike. I was packed, caffeinated  and ready to go before 9:00. Kind of gloomy day out but the forecast said no rain until late in the day so I saddled up.

The Atlantic wheel-dip


I passed lots of decorated cemeteries today. Nice to see folks remembering their heroes.



And my fly rod is 3500 miles away.

Mostly smooth sailing today through back roads with little traffic. The last 10 miles was more trafficked than I like but I had a good shoulder and folks here seem respectful of bikes. No sweat!


Best state motto ever

Just like that and I’m already in my second state. Maine we hardly knew ye. I will definitely be back though – what a gorgeous state.

I’d planned to camp tonight but no go – it’s raining and I have a rule about not setting up a tent in the rain. But I found a hostel that is lightly occupied – Samara and Tim who run it are super accommodating.

Great day 1! I’m left feeling so lucky to have the opportunity to do this. Thanks, Babe!

10 thoughts on “Day 1 – It starts at the Atlantic”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that things are going well on the road. All the kids wanted me to read to them about your first day. This will be a defining experience in your life, I’ll wager.

  2. There’s no rain in California. Get out there quickly. We will be there on Thursday. 3000 miles in 1 day but a big carbon footprint. The Amagansett river in Maine was loved by canoeists. Keep on rolling.

  3. Glad you are off to a great start. Loved the pictures, you still have a great eye. Was that a Plymouth?

  4. Great pics! Julie says you rode right past her sister and grandmother. Good luck with the white mountains!

  5. Great pictures, Jim. I didnt know about the ritual of dipping your tires in the Atlantic. Epic! I’m glad Day 1 and state 1 (Maine) passed without a hitch.

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