Day 18 – Millersburg to Columbus

Wow how was that 18 days? That’s significant to me because it means I’m more that a quarter of the time I think this trip might take. Seems like I just started.

Tonight i made it to Columbus and lucked into a treat. My warmshowers host, Ben,  is a bike racer and there’s a Friday night “crit” a few miles from his house that he’ll be racing in. That’s a criterium – a bike race where they do tight little laps on a closed course. It’s exciting to watch because they’re fast and they go by a bunch of times. But they’re often kind of dangerous (Lynda your queue to chime in with how many racers you patched together at the Davis July 4th crits. But it’s a warm night out in Columbus, folks are walking around enjoying the races, food trucks, bluegrass and beers.

Big day today but it wasn’t that hard. Two reasons for that I think; one is that I’m getting used to it and two is that today was all flat, rails-to-trails miles. Pretty easy, even though it was 94 miles.

Part of my motivation for going a little long today is that I’d like to make it to the Wright Brothers Museum on Sunday and to make it there, I needed to get a little ahead today. Thanks, Marv for the  suggestion.

Other good news is that my buddy Kent W is joining me tomorrow to ride with me  on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing him and catching up.

Have to keep it short tonight, looks like I ran out my keyboard batteries.  The pics will have to mostly speak for themselves.


When you stare at the road for hours on end, you notice things. My favorite, smooth, roads in Ohio are these with the iron deposits in them. See the iron oxide streaks?
I’ve never seen so many turkey vultures in one place in my life
I had about 5 miles on the dirt roads which left me pretty grimy
It’s clay and gravel road. Smoother than the pavement and it’s an old railroad bed. Easy to imagine how nice it would be to take a coach through these woods. Something truly civilized about that.

What are these? I first saw them today and then saw tons of them
Very cool space that I saw outside of Mt Vernon today. Factory converted to a performance space.
Part of that same complex
My host, Ben, and friends Kelsey and Aaron.


9 thoughts on “Day 18 – Millersburg to Columbus”

  1. They look like day lillies to me, I don’t know the variety. Enjoy the museum!

  2. Oooooo. I love the red building with the sign to the Bridge of Dreams straight under the archway. I want to go down that path! Wonderful photos. Thanks for showing me parts of America that I won’t likely see.

  3. The whole midwest is a mystery to me, the only part of the country that I haven’t been to . Now you’re getting me curious about it.

    1. Interesting. I take the Midwest for granted but thanks for reminding me that it’s its own unique thing.

    1. It’s funny – sometimes I think I’m a crappy judge of what others will like. Many folks reacted to that red building photo and I almost didn’t take it.

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