Day 2 – Crankin the Kanc

I had to post this one late due to the crummy wifi at the crummy hotel I stayed at last night. But I’ll lay off of that rant and talk about the great ride I had.

I felt really strong so went probably farther than I should 77 miles total with one big pass thrown in for good measure.

I started in Conway NH at this cool little hostel. It’s been so long since I stayed in a hostel I forgot how easy it is to meet folks there.

The “Kanc” is the Kancamagus Pass – a 2800 foot pass where on one side the water flows into Maine and the Saco River, and on the other side it flows into New Hampshire and eventually the Merrimack River. This next pic is the Swift River, which flows into the Saco (which comes out close to where I started).


At the pass

Kind cloudy all day but comfortable and the rain held off.

The last couple of miles where pretty steep.

I about froze on the way down the back side – About 15 miles all downhill to Lincoln.

Lots of these signs but so far mooseless.




This is a picture of Benton NH
I saw the barn and though “how quaint – they still have working family farms”
Well sort of. Creative reuse for a good cause.
I’ve seen so many beautiful old homes
And som many distinctively Atlantic


After this I was getting tired, the rain was coming in and so I bee-lined for the crummy motel. It sounded like such a cool spot – a drive-in that still shows movies on weekends, converted into a motel. But the owner was incredible unwelcoming so I won’t dwell further on that.

More in a bit…