Day 20 – Dayton to Morrow to Fayetteville

Great ride today! Good route, good weather and good friends make for an awesome day.

I wasn’t so sure when I got up this morning – it was pouring at the hotel. But that quickly dropped to a drizzle and it didn’t really bother us the rest of the day. It was a little wet, but really it just helped keep things cool. And we had another day of mostly rail trails – shaded, no cars and beautiful scenery.

Glad that Kent could join me for the day. We had all day to catch up on life, work, kids, and all the random kind of ideas that only pop up when you have ample time together.

Starting the ride today, cautiously eyeing the clouds. Someday I’ll get the eyes right on my selfies.
We met Nico and Annika on the trail today. We’re all heading for California but we’re going opposite directions. See friends – lots of people do this! They’re heading for Monterrey from Wash DC
Rolling on the trail. Kent staying safely out of reach from my swerving.
We passed under this freeway. We’re following the Little Miami River towards Cincinnati, and this bridge towered above us. Hard to grasp the scale of this think but it must have been 20 stories up.
Local “sports”. We’re guessing this is demo derby aftermath. One of my goals is to get to a stock car race somewhere in the Midwest. Actually I kind think gas-powered “sports” should be illegal on principal but I want to see one more before they do away with them. That’s a blog for another day.
A lot of folks canoe on the Little Miami. Know what they call canoe rental places here? A “canoe livery.” Hmmm. That sounds like you’re feeding and watering your canoes to me.
Cool stone walls around here. Dry stack – that’s a talent all to itself.
Dry stack detail
Att the swimming hole. Wonder where that fence came from?
Currently trending – amber waves of grain. Don’t hold your breath for purple mountains majesty. I’m imagining what a delicious pizza crust this might make. Kent wants nothing to do with it.
I do actually pedal sometimes.
Boys we met – their families farm soybeans, corn and have a little livestock.
We are clearly in the heartland.

And we finish the day by the lake at the Gaithers – my host for the night. Maybe we’ll have a picture of them for tomorrow. Thanks for the connection, Ryan! They’re super friendly.

8 thoughts on “Day 20 – Dayton to Morrow to Fayetteville”

  1. So happy you got to ride with Kent! He’s one of the good guys. My mom went to Miami University in Oxford, OH, you didn’t go through but I imagine it’s the same name of the Miami River. Missing you on our 23rd anniversary! And also super happy you are having this adventure. Really look forward to you getting to KY (tomorrow?) a place in my heart.

    1. Awww… thanks Megan! Happy Anniversary to both of you. Thanks to Jim for planning out a great day of riding for us, for being great company, and for taking a bunch of photos too. 🙂

    2. Missing you too babe! Many many thanks for all that you’re doing, have done, will do that makes this trip possible. Now way that was 23 years just now.

      Looking forward to Ky although it’s going to be hillier from there to Bolivar I think…

  2. Happy Anniversary you two! We’ll toast you at dinner. Glad you had such a great ride with good company.

  3. Gosh, Jim,
    I have talked about you to so many people. All my neighbors know about you and what you’re doing. I look forward to reading your updates each day. Congratulations on your new house project, and on you and Megan’s anniversary. Stay safe.

  4. Druther have the amber grain in a loaf of sourdough. There’s one baking for you in San Francisco. Keep enjoying it and Happy Anniversary

    1. Thanks, Marv. Looking forward to that sourdough and maybe a nice liquid amber to go with.

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