Day 21 – Rest day on Lake Lorelei

Today’s a rest day made super easy thanks to the Gaithers. They made me feel very welcome and today was like a day at a resort by the lake. Thanks Margaret for the amazing dinner last night and Ron for the tunes and sharing Kentucky’s best.

Just a few pics to share from my paddle around the lake.

Out for a paddle. Ron and Margaret have a beautiful lakeside home.
I know its not like this all year but today it’s paradise.
Took me a sec to figure this one out. Ever seen a boat garage before? I’m guessing there’s another garage door on the opposite side.
The wildest corner of Lake Lorelei.
When’s the last time you just stared at the clouds? Always reminds me of being a kid.
You’ll have to click on this one to get the real deal. Pano from mid lake. Really enjoying the midwestern skies.
Prop selfie
I’m not a wildlife photographer. So far this trip I have missed photos of herons, snakes, a turtle (hey he jumped in the water), rabbits, baby ducks, baby geese, deer, hawks, an owl, and a bunch of hedgehogs. Oh and btw hedgehogs are everywhere around here. It’s the biggest difference between southern OH and MO as far as I can tell. They have hedgehogs and we have opossum (possums?).
I’m now officially a “shade-tree” mechanic

Weird thing. In Portland I installed my front bike rack wrong. The mistake was of no consequence and it worked fine. I didn’t notice it until I noticed on Ben’s bike his was installed upside down. He said – no way and we went to look at mine and I noticed mine was installed upside down too. So apparently I’m quicker to notice the mistakes of others than my own. Hmmm, I’ll be looking for a better interpretation of that. Meanwhile, I’m humbled.

As I said this mistake was of no consequence. The rack worked fine as it was, and Ben’s had made it all the way across the country that way. But could I stop myself from turning that thing the right way ’round? Not a chance. The bags do fit a little better, let’s say.

The Gaithers – what great hosts they’ve been. You’d think I was part of the family. Ryan, you’re a lucky guy.
We settle in for the local tradition – Skyline Chili.
I’m having a 4-way; noodles, chili, onions and the mystery ingredient on top and a coney dog with everything on the side. Oh and a Diet Pepsi because I’m watching calories. There may be new unmentionables to talk about tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Day 21 – Rest day on Lake Lorelei”

  1. Great pics, love the ‘petite’ dinners. They have good appetites in Kentucky. Burt & I know you’re having a great time, which makes us happy! Glad you got the bike rack straightened out, that’s something that Wendy & I would have to do.

  2. Jim, your pictures are making me a little homesick, especially since it is hotter in Walnut Creek than where you are.😓

  3. Mmmm…. Skyline Chili, every visit to Ohio for us! Glad you got in a day of R&R, you couldn’t have picked a nicer place. Please convey my thanks to the Gaithers as well for the warm welcome and warm shower the day before.

  4. Wow. What a fantastic rest day you had. I am truly envious. You have done a super job of finding the best places to stay. Glad you got that bike rack straightened out. (!)

    Hey- guess what we’re having this weekend for dinner – a copycat Skyline Chili recipe. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I might have to ride Drew’s bike around the block a few times to feel that I’m worthy to eat it. Ha ha ha….

  5. Love that sunset picture. With all that cheese on top of the dish (can’t even tell what’s underneath) I thought you were in Wisconsin. Have a great ride tomorrow.

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