Day 25 – Thunderstorms Stall Me in Georgetown IN

Well damn. I knew this would happen but actually putting up with it is another thing. Today I get to practice letting go of things I can’t control, like thunderstorms and food options.

Last night I came in during the rain, and this morning it was pouring again so I decided to stay put. Sadly you don’t get to pick where you spend your rain days. Why couldn’t I be back in cool Madison, instead of here where the dining options are 1) discount grocery store 2) crummy restaurant where last night I was literally waited upon by a meth addict (no kidding and yes I am sure) and 3) McDonalds. I put these in more or less order of preference which I guess says something pretty bad about my view of McD’s (which until age 8 or so Jonah thought was practically poison. Oh it is, I forgot). Too harsh on McD’s? Close call. On the plus side for meth addicts they forget to charge you and nobody leaves them in charge of actually preparing the food (they would burn the place down) so it makes 2 and 3 a little close. Of course there’s the option of going to McD’s AND getting served by a meth addict, but I digress.

Seeing this woman addict was upsetting. I make light of it but it’s clearly a serious problem, especially here in the Midwest. And what makes me identify her as a addict? 1) She could not stop talking, or moving 2) her thoughts and the conversation caromed around like a pinball and 3) her lower teeth were a row of black and disintegrating. She was bartending and since I had a beer with my pizza this put her in charge of checking me out. I had to remind her twice that I needed to pay because she got side tracked talking about everything else. The other employees were obviously on edge but nobody was confronting her while I was around. Not an especially rosy picture of the area but that’s what I’m experiencing here.

So today I stayed in, caught up on bills and emails, and watched a lot of home improvement and tiny house videos online. I’ve got to do what I can to prep for that big project when I get home. Dinner will be chicken pot pie which can be prepped in a microwave and isn’t especially healthy but it’s at least got some veggies in it. The produce section here is way smaller than the frozen food section.

Staying put has made me anxious as hell. I have a hard time not being productive. Cycling kind of fills that for me because, even if I didn’t do anything useful other than pedal 75 miles, that feels like an acomplishment in my value-set.  So getting stuck leaves me feeling like I didn’t do anything useful and this makes me antsy and in a bad mood. Watching home improvement videos doesn’t really cut it. This presents what I like to call an AFGO – another effing growth opportunity.

I did get to talk to Megan and my nephew Tom so that’s something real. And I did figure out how to upload videos that you can view. So, in lieu of any pictures, here’s a few snippets from the last couple of weeks.

Haven’t got “embed” working right yet so you’ll have to click through… Hope these work

Covered Bridge in Windsor Ohio

Cruising through Amish country near Burton OH

Niagara Falls snippet

Day 2 – New Hampshire snippet

And since you said you’re ok with minutiae, here’s what staying in too many hotels does to you. You get to see a lot of remotes, and let me tell you these things are some of the worst designed crap you can lay your eyes on. Now I don’t watch tons of TV but with this one, it was hard to tell how to turn it on at all.

Total number of buttons? 63 I kid you not. This is, so far, the stupidest remote that I’ve yet seen. Apple TV has a single 4 direction rocker button, a center button, and two buttons below. That’s a total of 7 buttons (if I recall correctly, baybe 8). It is faster to use that this ridiculous thing. Who designs this crap? Who let this out the production door? Asleep at the wheel. Not that I actually care about saving remote time – it’s the complete lack of attention to what you’re doing, what your job is, that offends me. 

So the one on the feature image is actually not bad, coming in at only at “only” 40 buttons.

And here’s the other design issue. God forbid you have multiple devices, less you end up with this at the end of your couch (and yeah sorry but I’m “outing” you on this one Ron):

Button count?  I get 209 or so.

Yes, you could probably program these into one “universal remote” but that would take all day and when you were done no one would be able to use it.

Drones are definitely going to solve this problem for us.

8 thoughts on “Day 25 – Thunderstorms Stall Me in Georgetown IN”

  1. Jim,

    Hi from ASHRAE Long Beach. This setting makes me think of you surrounded by our fellow engineers in a setting where we usually hang out together for a dinner. So I am missing your company. I love you blogs. Your words and pictures help me enjoy your journey and imagine myself doing what you are doing. I relate to your reactions to your experiences. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thanks, Glenn. Hi to all our compadres at ASHRAE. I’ve been missing a lot of meetings lately – well I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing them 😉

  2. Wow Jim, you had quite a day. Meth addicts, poor food choices (at least there was beer). I hope your bed was OK. Loved the videos. You did make good use of your time, getting ready to remodel! Hopefully you’re on the road today, peddling away. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Great to see the videos taken while biking. Gives the feeling of pedaling out there. Get back on the road!!! Your attitude really changed when you’re locked up for a day. On the road you see the positives; yesterday you focused on the negatives.

    1. Interesting observation, Marv. Yeah, you could tell I didn’t want to be there. Glad you enjoyed the videos.

  4. Hi Jim!
    I love your OCD moment with the remotes. I happen to have that first one with all the buttons and, yes, it is insane. You clearly need to be on the road before you make all of us depressed and unable to stop counting our remote buttons. Your food and sleeping options sound terrible. Run away! Run away!!

    I hope the skies cleared today and you were able to escape. Thanks for the videos. I feel like I was right there with you for a moment. Fun!!

    1. The first step in recognizing you’re OCD is to admit that you have no control 🙂

      I ran away and it worked!

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