Day 26 – Georgetown IN to Hawesville KY

Wow what a difference a day makes. Today was living the dream – great temperatures, sunny skies, no big breezes and good roads. I even found a cool spot to camp ($8, free wifi and hot showers OMG). I got a pretty early start, had 50 miles in before noon, about 80 total, with 4000 feet of climbing and it all felt easy. I crossed back in to Kentucky and finally made it into Central Time Zone (1 of 3!).

Sometimes the sky is more interesting than the landscape.

I had a beautiful cruise along the ridge into Corydon first thing this morning. I even got in with a pack of racers for a mile or so which I got on the gopro – we’ll see if I can add that. It was fun riding with them for a bit but a couple of little rolling hills and they left me for dead.


Crossing back into Kentucky the Adventure Cycling route took be through backroads almost all day. Very little traffic on most of the roads and one guy even slowed down to offer me water at his house. This part of Kentucky seems better off than the hills I was in to the East – with more prosperous looking farms, homes and towns. The woods here are dominated by oaks and when it’s still I hear locusts and woodpeckers in the forests.

We just don’t have enough swinging benches anymore. Both of my grandmas had porch swings – they’re great in the summer to sit out in the shade.

One unavoidable truth of staring at country roads all day is roadkill. The forests here must be filled with possums because they are everywhere on the roads. And I’ve started to see a lot of snakes too in addition to the usual raccoons and the occasional deer. Reality of a day spent on the highway – I’m just doing all I can to not add liberal-energy-geek to the list.

All loaded up. It’s too hot for the day-glow vest and the traffic has been light so I’ve taken to strapping it across my bags in the back.
I’m a sucker for weathered old stuff.
This time I’m welcomed to Kentucky.

On a day like today, when the going is easy, it feels like this trip is happening fast – or too fast. I’m already 26 days into an expected 75 days, I’m nearing the Mississippi, in a new time zone, etc. But then other times when I hit a big hill and I’m grinding up, and up, 2 feet at a time, 2 more feet, 2 more feet, I can’t help but look at that particular piece of pavement and say to myself “That is the road that takes me coast to coast. That piece of pavement is the route that I follow, that is a few more feet along the way.”

Hard to get a picture of this but it’s an organic farm (Ridge Family) where all the livestock roam, live on grass, and are all grazing the same fields. I saw cattle, sheep and geese all grazing this same pasture.
Hmmm – anybody know the make/model? I forgot to check. I know it’s a ’49.

I haven’t done so hot on my resolution to take more people pictures. It’s hard especially on a day like today that was very solitary. Ok, try again tomorrow.

I stopped for a late lunch in Cloverport. I was cruising through town and seeing nowhere to eat and downtown was so empty the only woman around said “hi” as I passed. I looped back to her and asked if she knew a good place to eat nearby and she must have spent 5 minutes making sure that I knew the way before going on her way. When I got there I had a nice sandwich but struggled choosing from the 5 pies on the list. I picked the most unique one to me – a “bluegrass pie.” I asked what a bluegrass pie was and the server, by way of explaination said “its a derby.” Uh sorry, that doesn’t help. “Oh well it’s a pecan base but with chocolate and bourbon.” OK that’s almost not fair. There are certain combinations of words that hit at your spine at a level that elicit a near reflexive action. It’s like cheating. It’s like a quick-fire challenge where you include scallops and bacon. And if you’re wondering, yes, chocolate, pecans and bourbon do very well together.

Home sweet home tonight. All set up in time for afternoon coffee.

4 thoughts on “Day 26 – Georgetown IN to Hawesville KY”

  1. You’re perhaps the only liberal energy geek that Matt Bevin has welcomed to Kentucky!

  2. Gawd, I’m glad you’re back to your regular self. I can tell you’re happy that you had such a productive day. I love peeling paint on weathered wood as well, bravo on the photos. What a perfect camp site.

    As for Butt Drugs, I quote this from their actual TV commercial song:

    “You want hometown service, and cheap hot coffee, and liquor, now that’s the ticket! You can tell Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens exactly where to stick it. Bu Bu Bu Butt Drugs (Free parking in the rear!)”

    Too funny!

  3. 1949 is right on. Ford Custom, can’t tell if its a Fourdoor or Coupe. Your campsite looks so peaceful. Wendy’s Butt Drug song can’t be topped, and bet they sell asspirin.

  4. Glad you had a good day, that pie sounds delish! Enjoying reading your posts while on my daily Bart commute, another 20 min delay today…

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