Day 3 – Rivers and Lots of Little Steep Hills

So I made it into Vermont last night – though just across the Connecticut river. But today was all Vermont and it’s so beautiful. I think you could do an amazing bike tour and never leave Maine, NH and VT. I’ve never really been to them except only briefly last year and that was part of the reason I chose this route. No regrets!

I walked into the Fairlee Diner this morning and I swear that every single person in there looked at me at once. I grew up in a small town and I know that’s just curiosity but it’s a little startling to be on the recieving end. Needless to say I was the only one there wearing a day glow vest.

Fresh spinach! Cheese!

I don’t usually do food pictures but I was so overwhelmed with joy when I saw my breakfast that I couldn’t help it. I’ve been told by touring cyclists that you get to be a bottomless pit for food and I get it. Seems like I’m hungry all the time.

Oh and today it actually hurt to start out. The last two days really caught up with me and all morning I felt like I was pedaling through molasses. [yum – we’ll save that fantasy for later, we are in Vermont after all, there is ample Maple goodness to be had].

Connecticut River

My route took me back over to NH for a bit, and then along the river. I came unexpectedly on a wooden covered bridge (not even marked on the map). I guess they’re so common here it’s no big deal. I crossed over two today.


Also they had a sign “Refugess Welcome”

I saw two huge solar installs today – both in pretty small towns. VT is definitely down with being green. I saw a lot of solar rooftops as well and even a solar mobile home.

We’re taking this back from the right, right?

OK kids now in an amazing adaptation of natural forms (aka biomimicry) these electric line stabilizers are actually based on the bone structure of prehistoric ducks.

Wait am I the only one that sees that? I blame low blood sugar and excess endorphins. This trip really is a big endorphin binge in disguise as climate fundraising.


9 thoughts on “Day 3 – Rivers and Lots of Little Steep Hills”

  1. So glad you are enjoying the sights on the New England portion of your ride! Now that I’m following you online, I was worried when I didn’t see a post last night. 🙂

    1. Yeah I guess wifi isn’t quite as ubiquitous as I hoped. And the cell coverage was bad too so my backup wifi didn’t work either.

      FHI I’m using the Strave “beacon” feature that sends my current location to Megan and my sister Lynda. So at least they’ll know where to begin the search 🙂

  2. Great pics and commentary – you’re seeing the best of New England (including the breakfast). Be sure to get some pancakes with pure Vermont maple syrup before you leave the state!

    1. OK will do, Adam. Tying VT maple syrup is a responsibility as a tourist that I am willing to bear.

  3. It’s lovely to see this country side.
    It looks like all is working out and you are rolling.

  4. Super beautiful and inspiring! But I don’t get the prehistoric ducks. Next up Green Mountains?

  5. Love your pictures an comments!!! Impressed by the amount of solar since they don’t get that much sun and it is lower in the sky than in Texas, Arizona, or California. Vermont is green now but you gotta go back for the fall colors.

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