Day 5 – Into the Adirondacks

Big day today as I left Ticonderoga for the Adirondacks. I’ve never been to the “Dacks” as they say around here so I had no idea what to expect. And for some reason, the Adventure cycling maps don’t have an elevation guide this time so I’ll take it as it comes I guess.

I started out when one long climb out of Ticonderoga. With all the pounds on board you really feel it on the hills. The added weight is no big deal on the flats but you pay for the elevation. And today I did a lot of climbing (over 5000 ft according to Strava) so my legs are pretty sore tonight.

I’m not using headphones or music while I ride. Instead I like to use my ears for hearing oncoming cars and trucks. And also there’s something about letting your brain go where it wants that feels cleansing. Today my brain went to Steely Dan’s “Reelin in the Years” for a couple of hours. If you’re going to get an “ear worm” stuck in your head it’s a good one and I didn’t mind at all. In fact I was enjoying that great fuzz guitar solo when it occurred to me “how the hell does that work?” I’m out here miles from anything and I swear I can hear ever note of that solo. The brain is an incredible thing. Or I guess I should say the body-mind, eh Megan? Somehow it seems unfair though that some other part of my body mind contains all the words to the Big Mac song (if you’re less than 40, ask someone older) and the music to Take on Me (yuck). So can I trade in some of that brain space and get more good music?



You’ll have to click to zoom in on this one. Megan, do you think this guy could benefit from some time on the couch?


Oh, those really come from here.
Blue Ridge Falls


This is the view from the handlebars for much of today’s ride.
Helloooo Newcomb
Yup, THAT Hudson River. Up here it’s just a little stream

“This is It” but you can’t have it. Zoom in.
Do not adjust your set. It really is that color
I’ve grown emotionally attached to these signs. It means, to me, that people share the thought that bikes have a place on the road. And drivers here have been almost all very polite.
I saw fiddleheads all through the Adirondacks today. The bigger ones were sweeter. These were delicate but bitter and kind of spicy.

Now I’m retired to this funky little Inn that was built in the 1780s. It’s a little worse for wear but has a lot of charm. It’s a frequent stop for folks on the Northern Tier but I’m their first cyclist this year.

I hope that means there is copper in the water.


Looks like I did more climbing than I thought…


5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Into the Adirondacks”

  1. It looks so beautiful there! It looks a little like the area we were in Canada last year.

  2. Greetings from Monte Rio!!! I didn’t think you were crossing the Hudson way up there. Great to see the stream that makes that river, which had a history of carrying industrial waste, but is now be cleaned up in most places. Hope you lead the way for keeping the air clean too.

  3. Just catching up on the start to your amazing adventure… ear worm suggestion – Green on Red – Black River… black river with the yellow lines — can’t remember if the rest of it is a bit down. 🙂

  4. I’m enjoying the vicarious ride through the Northeast. Beautiful photos; you have a keen eye for the essence of a place. I think there may be a haiku post in your future (now there’s a way to keep your mind busy with noticing as you ride!). Keep on trucking! Hugs from down the Hudson. xoxo, jess

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