Day 54 – Rest Day in Telluride CO

How lucky am I? I put out the call on warmshowers for a place to stay and I have had the pleasure of staying with the Kramers for the last two nights. They are networkers in the best sense of the word – you know how some people or couples are hubs around which many people orbit? That is the Kramers. I’ve had the pleasure of staying in their lovely home in Telluride and sharing the best of everything they have for the last two days. They have been absolutely wonderful hosts and I’m very grateful to them for welcoming me into their home and their circle of friends.

We all can take guest hosting lessons from Don and Ilene – such gracious folks.

Having a place here has allowed me to explore Telluride in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and have a little window into life here among the rich and famous. That’s not hyperbole here, it’s just a necessary condition for living here, unless you’ve been here a long time. And I’m not trying to attach t any other adjectives automatically to that. Everyone I’ve met has been warm, welcoming, attentive, caring – perhaps I’ve been lucky but if there is something real about a place having a positive vibe, this place has it –  because my encounters with folks have been overwhelmingly positive. Two thumbs up for Telluride and the people that call it home.

I can’t be here though and completely put aside race and class. Having had this wonderful experience here, you notice a lack of diversity (and I mean economic diversity), you can’t help but contemplate “how does it change a town when the entry level house is $1M and $3 or $4M is the norm. It misses some ethnic diversity too but misses more the rounding out of a population with non-millionaires. What’s missing? It’s lovely, but… and what comes after that “but” is more of a void than an answer – at least at this late hour.

The town has unparalleled mountain beauty. It’s surrounded by mountainsides and canyon walls on three sides. Every little 1200 sq ft house in town has been updated, painted in lovely, matching tones and most have lovely yards and gardens. Most were built in the late 1800s or early 1900s and have classic Western high-pitched roofs to shed the snow. I spent hours today just wandering the town and looking at the homes and thinking that my own home is in serious need of some sprucing up. Not sure we’d make it in the gates here.

Here’s a random sample of spots I noticed today. The other thing about Telluride is that its a pain to get to from anywhere in the world but if you get the chance, check it out.

My new friend Bailey.
And Choby has convinced me that poodles can be cool.
Hiking up Cornet Creek. This is an easy walk from downtown Telluride.
The falls on Cornet Creek – also easy walk from microbrews, gourmet tacos, espresso, high fashion – you name it.
The city water used to come down from this pipe above the falls back in the mining days.
From behind the falls, back towards T.
Yer average Telluride home, $4M ish.
Your daily dose of found bouquets and a presumably well-travelled Adirondack chair. Remember the Adirondacks?
A lot of cars/trucks with character here.
Cute storefronts and lefty causes make me feel warm and cozy but this is not where the war will be waged.
The “Galloping Goose” a kind of hybrid train/bus that ran on the railroads here up until the ’30s.
The Morgan M3 – with a 2 cylinder V-twin and painted like a British Spitfire. They are selling these new, now. No kidding – you can buy a new one in 2018.
I don’t think these are rolling off the production line anymore. My dad used to race a couple of cars that looked more or less like this.
Gnar tacos are worth the hype. This is the hot sauce.
From the museum for getting around the mines quickly. Pedal power is anything but new.
Telluride for all seasons.
Sunset from Mountain Village. I’ll be heading that direction tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 54 – Rest Day in Telluride CO”

  1. Sure surprised me, that seemingly remote ‘tony’ town looks quite lovely. Not sure about the $4 mil. prices. Glad you could take some time to relax with nice folks.

  2. Hey Jim,

    Wow, I had no idea Telluride was so posh! Interesting mix of rugged and polished. Looking forward to hearing about all of your experiences in person soon!

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