Day 6 -Blue Mountain to Old Forge

Don’t you love the names around here? Who wouldn’t want to go from Blue Mountain to Old Forge?

My host, Meredith, from last nights stay at the Blue Mtn Lake Inn. Her dog “Mango” is hanging around in the background.

Meredith and her folks run a charming Inn that gets visited by a lot of “bikers” meaning cyclists and motorcycle riders both. Apparently we’re the demographic that understands the values of their inn. In other words we value character over sterility. According to Meredith we’re able to tap into the emotional vibe which is very positive but not appreciated by all. Intriguing. She wants to put a sign out front with a trike, and a penny farthing, and a motorcycle and a racing cyclists. Anyway, she was a real sweetheart and coooked a lovely breakfast for me. I hope she has more guests soon – seems I’m beating the summer crowd to most places (so far).

Cloudy days can be gloomy but the lighting is awesome. Forgot this one yesterday – across the street from the Inn.

Today was an easy day; “only” 36 miles or so, and really no real climbing. Just gentle rolling hills and beautiful scenery.  It was a nice break and it wasn’t until I got to Old Forge that I realized how much I needed it. This afternoon I checked in, showered, and immediately passed out on the bed.

Thanks for the tip on “re-warming up” Coach Matt! I did that today and it helped avoid the pain. You know your stuff!

I like this side of the Adirondacks better than the eastern side. Overall it seems a little more lush (maybe gets more rain?) and the homes and towns look a bit better off. Some of the places on the eastern side looked like they’d seen better days

I passed a lot of vacation homes on the backroads that the Adventure Cycling maps took me on. They seem to try to out-do each other when it comes to pithy names for their cabins. I saw the “Loon-A-Tick Inn” (including picture of Loon and Tick), “Camp David (Summit in Session)”, and my personal favorite “Moot’s Point”.

I gotta say a word too about the great folks at Adventure Cycling. If you ever venture to do something like this, or even if you just want a map for a great local ride, look up their maps. They have routed me through beautiful roads, almost all are very bike friendly, and without going near any big towns or cities. And they also include bike shops, lodging and all the services you’d need. My bike cap’s off to the 100’s of volunteers who have taken the time to submit their comments to make these maps better. Clearly a case for the power of crowd-sourced labor for the good of all.

I saw so many shades of green by the road today. I learned once that the human eye is most sensitive in this part of the spectrum. When you see the woods like these, you know why.


View from the handlebars from most of today’s ride. Rolling hills through rich, green woods with new spring growth.
View through to a nearby lake. Canoeists paradise.
Looks like there are so many lakes they got tired of naming them and just started numbering them.
Love this! Dilapidated mid-mod looking for a little TLC.
I smelled these before I saw the shop. HOLD IT! David and Coach Matt, I just looked at them and left. Really.
I think this tree is an inspirational poster waiting to happen. It’s like 8 inches tall! Is that a spruce?
The local hardware store at Old Forge. Mason jars of local goodness.
Same hardware store. Muted self portrait.
View from tonight’s digs. I think I’m the only one staying here tonight.


I’m a sucker for mid-mod architecture and I love the 60’s vibe of this place.

Since I seem to be the only tourist around, I swung a sweet deal on this place. “What’s the best deal you’ll give me if I stay 2 nights”. I have a great spot with a view to the lake for my day off. Kinda hope it rains just to get that out of the weather system.

A great first week of cycling – beautiful scenery, friendly people along the way and best of all I still feel healthy and happy after about 370 miles. Feeling very lucky and blessed tonight. Now if the Warriors can make it 2-0 it will be the perfect end to the day.

9 thoughts on “Day 6 -Blue Mountain to Old Forge”

  1. Another nice post Jim. Really enjoying reading along with your adventures. A couple of things……very impressed you were able to pass up that donut shop…..weird how we can intellectually know that we’re addicted to sugar and still eat it……yet, when we shift to a lower carb, higher fat diet, that craving just goes away!
    One other thing….I’m really enjoying your pics, and wondering what camera you’re using? Finally, very smart to have some easy and off days scheduled into your riding. That said, you had a big first week!

    1. I’m using just a plain old iPhone 6s so far. I brought a GoPro but am having trouble getting pics to the cloud. Hope to sort that out today.

      Yup, big week. I’m feeling it and am loving the rest day. I forgot what sitting at a laundromat is like. Hasn’t changed much since my youth.

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to take more time. The first couple of days I was rushing everything in my exuberance.

  2. Super proud of you! You are really finding your voice, and your eye, as an artist. Loving the journey together. Please enjoy this day of rest, and actually sit in one of those Adirondacks!

  3. Jim, I thought of you yesterday as I struggled through an organized century, but with about 50 lbs less weight and probably taking half again as much time even without the photos and writing. I’m really enjoying your daily blogs and the photos. Its very inspiring!

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