Day 61 – Rest Day

In speaking to my very wise wife last night, she reminded me that I need rest from time to time. As soon as I caught hold of that concept, it sounded sage to me. So I took today off to let my muscles heal, explore the little town of Escalante, and do some additional fundraising (mailchimp optimization set for Monday 11:00 AM send time – watch your inbox).

On that note, please don’t be shy about forwarding to your friends and relatives. While much of this trip has been an adventure of personal growth for me, I also hope to spread the word about the importance of action on climate change and to raise some money for NRDC. So please help me by letting others know about my campaign, or do what you can to reduce consumption and hold our politicians feet to the fire. Climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and if we trivialize it that way, we’re missing the point – it will affect all of us, and our children more than us.

If there’s one thing that has become increasingly obvious as I travel across this beautiful landscape is that most people really can’t be bothered with climate change. They’re too busy trying to make ends meet, take care of each other, and make sure that they can afford their retirement without working until they keel over. I agree wholeheartedly with this article by Jason Hinkle of the Guardian forwarded by Allison (who’s an astute city planner, environmentalist and voracious reader, as well as my sister-in-law). The premise of the article is that we need a bigger paradigm shift that simply switching to clean energy. Really we should be challenging the fundamental concept that much of our current development efforts are based upon – that we need to continue growing the GDP. Economists frequently take that for granted and our economy is based upon it. But there’s no connection between increased GDP and health or happiness for anyone. Why is it such a eyebrow raiser that we should be considering Gross National Happiness instead? Take a few minutes to give the article a scan and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, here’s a few pics from around Escalante today. It’s a lovely spot – pretty tiny really – a spot that frankly has been much more discovered by European tourists than American ones.

Lots of cool old buildings here. I like the way that the dry air ages the wood.
Snooping around peoples backyards. “Vaht? I beg your pahdon. I deedn’t know somevon vas leeving heeah.”
Sadly the doctor was out.

The local creek is running pretty chaulky
Ahh now these folks know how to do irrigation. See those tiny little hanging nozzles? They distribute water at a much lower pressure right at the ground level where less blows away. Saves pumping energy and water. Also they’re damn near silent – I almost didn’t notice it was on until I heard the motors kick in to move it a few inches.
Can I please exchange one slightly used POTUS for an actual public servant who cares about others?  Wow  kind of blew the level on this one didn’t I?

2 thoughts on “Day 61 – Rest Day”

  1. You have a wise wife. Glad that you are resting. Especially in S. Utah. The reason I moved to Utah was because of camping trip to S. Utah.
    I like the happiness quotient idea. I think France and the Scandanavian countries have a similar philosophy.

  2. Also glad you gave your legs a rest. Your pictures of poking around Escalante makes it look like a place for Scooby adventures, good things there were no trap doors or mysterious ghosts (I’ll leave the cartoon voices and dialogue to our tv memories), etc.

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