Day 65 – Milford UT to Baker NV

Well I remember asking yesterday for little out of the way places and I got it. Today’s ride went smoothly and I made it to Baker NV relatively early. I left at 6:30 to beat the heat and I’m glad I did. I got in around 1:30 so most of my miles were in comfort and the last 15 or so were mainly downhill so no sweat. Well, don’t take that literally.

After posting yesterday’s entry I met another solo cyclist headed eastbound. Andrew is doing a big loop through Utah, Colorado up to Montana, Oregon, and back down to SF where he started.

Andrew is from York, UK and has a lot of touring experience. He’s got a great setup – very lightweight and aero. I’m definitely moving that way next time. Oops, did I type that out loud? Megan probably doesn’t read captions, right?

We had dinner together, and compared notes on our routes, then ending up talking until late on Renee’s porch. Since Andrew just biked by route, and I his, we had a lot to talk about. And he’s got about the coolest bike and bags setup I’ve seen. Oh and guess how old Andrew is? How about 62? See what cycling does for your fitness?

As I said I hit the road early. Luxury of luxuries, Milford is blessed with a 24 hr diner (Renee said it had something to do with their contract with the railroad, which is a big employer in Milford) so I got to hit the road with a nice breakfast by 6:30.

Leaving Penny’s diner as the sun starts to light the road.
It wasn’t long before it was up for real.
I brought extra water for today’s trip because it was 84 miles with no services. That’s some serious no-man’s land.
I was at the top of the 1st summit by 8:00 or so. Look how perky I am, veins still full of diner coffee.
My first long descent in this area. It’s intimidating to see the road turn into a dot like that. Worth a zoom in for the full effect.

Crossing these valleys feels very strange at first. This is the first time I’ve encountered this but I was warned by folks who’ve taken this route. After climbing a pass you can descend for 10-15 miles or so, then you hit the bottom of the valley and then you climb, largely in a straight line, for another 10-15 miles, then you hit another summit and it starts over again. The weird thing is that the distances are so vast, it’s kind of hard to see that you’re making any progress at all. Here’s the same descent, a mile farther down the hill.

Not the same picture, but looks like we haven’t moved, eh?

You have to kind of take it on faith that you are getting somewhere, and get on with it. I can’t imagine doing this on foot, or in a wagon though. My bike is relatively fast and I could cover 3 passes like this with the water I had on board.

Pass number 2. I think NV DOT is skimping on signage and just reused the same summit sign as the first one. No way they’re exactly the same height.
Perkiness defiantly looks forced by this point.
There were some new roadside wildflowers (aka weeds) to check out.
I stopped in this little town by the border, called Garrison. It looks about 90% of the way to ghost-town status with junk piled everywhere. But this caught my eye – much like my first car. This is a Mercury Bobcat, the Cadillac of Pintos. Mine was a Pinto but had these same “mags” which, try as they might, failed to make the Pinto cool. Can you believe that I bought a Pinto because my mom was scared of me riding a motorcycle (way cooler). Irony of ironies.
Woohoo – Nevada! Just NV and CA left! Oh boy, I’m off to the Baker Casino. What? No casino in Baker? Sheesh, there’s hardly a grocery store.
There are a lot of old log cabins around here. I suppose in this climate they last forever. This one was right behind the campground laundry.
I can’t resist an old boss Chevelle. This one’s a lot like the one my mom drove in the 70’s. She always had badass cars and this one had a 350 V8 in it. No wonder they called her “Butch”.

10 thoughts on “Day 65 – Milford UT to Baker NV”

  1. Welcome back to PST! You’re in your penultimate state 😉 Good job staying hydrated….I can’t imagine that’s easy where you’re riding. Remember to create some time for that follow-up LT test we discussed……should be VERY interesting.

    1. Yes, I’m looking forward to that, Matt. I never did manage to post the pre-test but I’ll need to do that for comparison.

  2. That thing about infinity. Infinity minus 15 miles is still infinity. You’ve proven that.

  3. Smiling at the top of three passes! What a BAMF! The ‘B and the ‘A’ stand for bad assed…

  4. My favorite part of the day is early morning (like you) when I get the paper and sit outside and read it. For the past two months, I’ve added reading your journal to the routine. I look forward to it every morning and panicked the one morning you were off the grid. (Thanks, Megan, for letting us know he was ok.) As your trip is nearing it’s completion, I know I’ll go through withdrawal as well, no longer abe to read your thoughts on the country, geography, climate, and yourself. I did catch the caption about your next trip though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ride on!

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