Day 75 – Davis CA to home

What a day! I’m home after 75 days to the warm embrace of my wife, son, our family and friends. It’s a little overwhelming and after all this introspection and time alone I find it harder to speak coherently about the experience than it has been writing about it.

It’s late, I’m tired and safely home. But the tank is kind of empty so I’ll postpone much description of the last day until tomorrow. So tonight after everyone has left the party, I’m doing a brief non-post post.

I’m very thankful that my energy geek buddies, David, Jeff and Steve joined me for the final ride into town. Thanks to you three for the great rolling escort. And thanks Megan, Jonah, Helen and Marv for the lovely welcome pizza and party. Thanks too to all our local friends who were able to come by and celebrate the homecoming with us all.

David joined me in Davis for the full final day.
Next we picked up Jeff in Vallejo.
And Steve shortly after led us across Vallejo and the bridge to Crockett.
Crossing the Sacramento River into my home county.
Coming down the driveway
Family portrait



And I’ve managed to work my way back to you babe. Jonah is an inch taller and his voice is half an octave deeper than when I left.


4 thoughts on “Day 75 – Davis CA to home”

  1. Welcome home Jim! I’ve certainly enjoyed following your journey!

    I’m glad you are safe and sound and HOME! Great stuff. I can’t wait to hear about it more in CO while fishing!


    I love the photo of you coming down the driveway. What a joyous moment. My mom and I were at your house in March for lunch with Megan and Jonah-and yet it took me a minute to realize that was Jonah in the photo. He has grown into a young man in just a few months!!

    And you have grown into a changed man. I hope you can take what you’ve learned/realized/accepted and keep it in the foreground of your life. Thank you again for sharing your amazing experience with us….and yourself.


  3. Yay! Fantastic journey, thank you for being so diligent posting about it daily… I know I won’t be the only one who’ll miss eagerly reading your adventures every morning. I’m also so glad you made it through without injury or serious incident.

    Best wishes for a smooth re-entry! Be kind to yourself, hang onto the moments from your trip, and enjoy every new minute. 😎

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