Day 8 – Old Forge to Redfield

Short post today – wifi isn’t available and cell coverage is poor.

Speaking of poor, or pour, that’s what it did all day. This is my first day of serious rain yet and I was wishing I’d taken today for my day off but c’est la vie.

Today my buddy Adam joins me for a couple of days and we made lodging arrangements so rain or no rain, I needed to get to Redfield.

I did about 30 or so miles before meeting up with Adam. Riding in constant downpour and about 50 degrees this morning brought new exercises in how to tolerate wind or cold. I got myself through it by deciding my new occupation was to make drivers feel warm and cozy in their cars. I know everybody that passed was glad they weren’t me.

After a while it wasn’t too bad and it warmed a little through the day. But I stopped for few pictures because every time I did, I got colder. I met Adam at Noon and we decided to finish up rather than stopping for lunch – as it was only 20+ miles to Redfield, and mostly downhill at that. So we made quick work of those miles and got to our Inn where the hot shower brought life back to my numb hands.

Tough day the but the forecast looks good for tomorrow.

My view from the handlebars this morning. Doesn’t that truck look warm and cozy?
I rode along the Moose River which is big and beautiful. Reminds me of Western Rivers.
Tryin to stay positive. In the background you can just make out the ruins of an old riverside factory. Reminds you how these rivers have been used for power and to support manufacturing for so long.

More tomorrow. And I can get some pictures of Adam and me when we’re not such a “drowned rats.”


10 thoughts on “Day 8 – Old Forge to Redfield”

  1. I don’t envy yesterday’s ride in the rain. Hang in there and keep blogging. I follow you everyday.

  2. It was 105 in Tucson yesterday, but that cold and wet still seems miserable. Love to hear about your ride!

    1. Ouch. I fear I’ll have some of the “too hot” pain to live through before this is all done.

  3. What lovely scenery! Probably more so from the dry comfort of my desk, but still beautiful. Hope the weather cooperates today! Stay warm.

  4. Need a better weather forecaster to take rainy days off. Try Channel 2. But we’re impressed you did 50 miles in the rain. Forecast for Monte Rio is 100% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow (unusual for the summer), so I got my golf in today.

  5. Many years ago when I rode down the Pacific Coast I had a day where I spent many miles on the side of a four lane highway, fighting my way into a head wind that was blowing sand into my face. I remember wondering what had led me to think I wanted to do this! It was awful. There will be days like that! But I also had days riding through redwoods and then breaking out into a view of the Pacific Ocean and feeling I was in heaven. Keep up the good ride! How much weight have you lost? I remember keeping trail mix in my handlebar bag and just digging in all the time. And still feeling like I was always hungry!

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