It’s bike to work month

I love bike-to-work month. At my company, kW Eng, we compete hard at this and have won 5 out of the last 6 years in our size (less than 50 employees – now deemed “extra-small” hurrumph). This gives me a good excuse to train like hell because…

Oh my god it’s 4 weeks until launch!

I am just not ready. There’s too much to do. Crap how is it all going to get done?

I’ve had a recent bout of “oh crap what did I get myself into”? On the one hand I absolutely can’t wait to start my trip. On the other hand, what was I thinking telling all these people that I’m going to ride across the country. I’ve done a lot of cycling, and a few weekender bike trips but I’m not near as experienced at touring as lots of folks I meet on my rides.

Put Bags on Your Bike and You Meet People

This is the truism of yesterday’s training ride, aka, “the new normal”. For the first time, I fully loaded my bike (40 lbs + 35 lb bike) and did a 63 mile ride. That’s my target distance (well 65) for my trip to stay on pace. I was pretty trashed by the time I made it back of the hill to our place but it was pretty do-able. But the thing that stood out is how many more people talk to you when you’re loaded up. I literally met like 5 people on my ride, from Charlie the nurse (did a trans-am in 2006?) to “Springfield” who is also from Missouri like me (his high school and mine competed), to Zach and Leslie who completed the standard trans-am route in 2014. Zach and I chatted for maybe 10 miles and he had lots of great pointers on doing the trip right. Very encouraging!