Ok JK. Just kidding. 4000 miles? Ha!

This weekend it hit me. 4000 miles? Ha ha ha ha ha. Just kidding y’all. I’d have to be nuts to decide to do that. On purpose. Ha ha. ha. Ha. Ehem.

This weekend I road 75 miles on a 18 lb carbon frame in beautiful conditions. They had rest stops every 20 miles stocked with all manner of snacks handed out by friendly volunteers. They had fruit, and cookies and gu and chips, coffee and bagels, pb&j, all just for the asking.  Hats off to the folks at the Grizzly Peak Century. They do a nice job and have one of the longest running centuries in CA.  I think they started in the 70s,  but I digress.

And it was exhausting. I came home starving for food and sleep. Reality check! That’s 10 miles farther than I plan to do every day on a bike that weighs, fully loaded, about 75 or more likely 80 lbs. and the plan is to do that 6 days out of 7. Ha ha hahahahaha. Piece of cake.


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