Rest and Rain Days 34 – 37

I’ve had a great few days resting up, celebrating the 4th, and visiting with my family in Missouri. I’d planned to hit the road again today but local rain helped talk me into another day here. Not that I was so hard to convince – I’ve had such a great time seeing everyone, enjoying a good old-fashioned 4th, and catching up on my bottomless appetite.

Just a few pics today, but tomorrow I’m back on the road.

Just a few words on the institution that is Mexican Villa. It is probably not the least bit traditional Mexican but it is delicious and for many southwest Missouri families it is a tradition. For those of us raised on its enchilada sauce, we are hopelessly devoted and have yet to see it replicated elsewhere (Mexico, Tejas, New Mexico, CA – none have it right). I remember coming here with my folks when I was a kid, and it has hardly changed since. Sadly there are a few less chips on the floor and the little tie-wearing guy who used to seat you seems to have retired. But otherwise, same experience. “Watch that top plate – it’s hot!”


Will was so fast running away, only his foot remained.
Tylers let’s ammo fly into the setting sun.

Hey, I’m like halfway across the country! Maybe less actual miles but I hear that Kansas goes quickly. I could make it to the border tomorrow if things go smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Rest and Rain Days 34 – 37”

  1. I’m so glad you got to visit with your family and enjoy the holiday of our nation’s birth with them. (Since you are riding clear across the nation.) I also think you’re a bit lucky that it rained so you could savor one more day. I’ve missed reading your blog every morning, but I’m happy you’re where you are, in every sense of those words.

  2. Glad u enjoyed time with your family!! Happy Fourth!! Halfway across already wow time flies!

  3. So happy you enjoyed your family time off in Missouri! Now to hit the road again, will look forward to reading your next blog.

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