Shakedown Cruise

Today the trip got really real. I decided months ago to do a pre-trip trip to check out my setup, get the kinks out and do a mini test run. I almost ran out of time but today was the day! I packed up my whole gear list (everything I expect to need for 2 1/2 months of travel, and set off for Olema.

First I had to do the weigh in (you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it). The bike runs a steady 35 lbs, plus about 50 lbs of gear. I thought I could hold it to 40, hah! Anyway, you kind of notice 85 lbs of bike and stuff going uphill. Otherwise it went well. And as soon as I figure out how to get video off the GoPro, we’ll have that too!

Bit of trivia – this is the exact spot that the “happy cows” commercial was filmed. No really. How could I make that up? This is the ridge above Olema, probably the worlds most expensive cow pasture.

Happy cow view

Same spot, looking at today’s goal down in the valley.

Made it to Olema

More Cowbell

Ok I’m running late on this one but before I left I swapped out my old handlebars (background) for my new Salsa Cowbell  bars. They have a little “flare” so no more hitting my knees on the bars when I’m sprinting up hills (cha right).

So clearly the big news is that, me and all my gear actually made it about 40 miles, got the tent set up, and we’ve proven the concept. That is, assuming I can get all my stuff back in the bags and back home again tomorrow. With Olema’s delicious $16 hamburger in my belly (my dad is rolling over in his grave), I’m ready to call it a day.