Shakedown part 2: Changing Cadence

I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. Seems that when I go to bed at 10, that’s what happens. The good news is that means I got to see how many stars are in the sky when you’re not in the City. Caseopia and Scorpio clearly visible to the north and south. Don’t you love it when the Milky Way is unmistakable?

I had a beautiful day for part 2 of the shakedown trip. Good thing because even with lovely weather it was hard to get breakfast, coffee, and the camp broken down before 10:00. I suppose I’ll get better at this. After all “you get better at what you do””. Hey, who said that? Oh  I digress.

Couldn’t help but be a little anxious and distracted today though. See the big news of the day at our house is that we put in a bid on a second house. We’ve been dreaming of a place near Pt Reyes for years, hoping to buy a lot and design a home. But there are precious few lots left there, most of which have major flaws. So this time we bid on a “build ‘er over” house, which has distinct advantages in that somebody as already got the permits for a house, water, septic, etc. So it’s looking like we might gain this great big HUGE PROJECT for me to spend a bunch of the next few years on.

Heaps of potential!

What’s this got to do with druther bike? Nothing except I rode there today and I can’t think of anything else. This is a life commitment.

Which does bring me to the theme of the day, the epiphany of the ride as I think of it (endorphins + time alone = epiphany, sounds trite but it happens frequently. True epiphany or merely brain chemistry makes pondering seem profound, I know not. Q: if you can’t tell the difference does it matter? I digress yet again)

Back to the point. The predominant memory of the day was of seeing all these super serious racer types heading in the  opposite direction . I kept trying to make contact with them – after all I’m a somewhat serious cyclist too, but I was mostly met with “no love”, averted eyes, no contact, cold… I  “toodling” along, heavy bike, slow and steady, but feeling very  into life. I had several conversations  with like-minded folks. But I kept seeing these serious guys as former “me”s that I could not relate too. They  all seem focused on  something going on in their heads that is/was  of their own making. I’ve been there, for more of my life than I’d care to admit. (This is what Megan and her colleagues call pro-ject-ion). Anyway I felt glad to be in a different place, feeling joyful, happy for the opportunity to enjoy the day, healthy, and with ( for today anyway) no real worries.

For my next step in life, I  choose engagement, risk, lack of knowledge, mistakes, hair pulling frustrations, and whatever else comes my way.

Which reminds me of the title of today’s post – credit the wonderful book by Michael Dillon – Changing Cadence. It’s was a big influence in deciding to do this trip.

Above at camp before leaving. $44 a nigh, really? Anyway it was a lovely morning with oatmeal, a cup of joe and John Muir’s first summer in the Sierra to keep me company.

Bonus pets if you can spot the bike nerd mirror

I like the way this pano turned out – captures the moment which was frenetic tourists trying to capture the moment.

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  1. Hey Jim,

    Finally made it to your blog (busy, traveling, all the usual excuses). Really looking forward to keeping up with your life-changing journey as you ride through this experience!


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