Skidding to sanity

Well crud – the bike was in tip top mechanical shape for all of about 15 minutes. The guys at Sharp bikes did a great job of prepping the Long Haul Trucker for the big trip (10 days!).

Tip top

I was so thrilled with the new feel of the bike, I bombed down our hill to Safeway. And halfway down, someone backed into the road and I (going admittedly too fast) had to slam on the brakes to get er under control. One 10 foot skid later I came to a stop well before the SUV but damn if it didn’t trash my new rear tire in the process (I hear you bike enthusiasts – more front brake, i know, i know).

Gotta say I’m more than a little disappointed with the legendary Schwalbe Marathon tires that just put on a week ago.

One 10 ft skid. Really?

No kidding these tires (or I should say tyres) are revered in the cycling world as some German miracle of cycling engineering . I’ll be impressed of the give me new ones.  In the meantime thump thump thump As the wheels go round.

So the cost could have been much higher and I’ll consider myself lucky to get off with the $50 for a new tire. Probably worth the lesson before I head off in 10 days…